These reasons give Godzilla as the clear winner of the battle

We have already presented the case of Kong, now it is the turn of the King of the Monsters.What are the advantages of him to emerge triumphant from the crossover?

Godzilla vs Kong takes place many years after Godzilla vs. Kong so the monkey that we saw eat a giant octopus in a matter of seconds is not the same that we will see now.

If we compare the faces of both, we can see that the Kong in this crossover looks much older, so his agility and strength will probably have diminished. That is the advantage that Godzilla could have, since he comes from defeating all the titans.

One of the promotional posters for the film shows the Titans fighting under the ocean, and while in the photo it appears that Kong has the upper hand, Godzilla vs. Kong wiki is clearly the favorite in that territory.

Godzilla dominates aquatic territory, knows how to swim, and can even launch his deadly beam underwater. If this is the final battle, Kong will surely lose, and if it is just a previous confrontation, the monkey can be seriously injured.

We saw Godzilla face and defeat various monsters in his last two movies and the way he defeats them is pretty brutal. He fights to the death, no matter how much damage he takes.

Yes, Kong has the upper hand in intelligence, but Godzilla’s aggressiveness may be impossible to control. He is simply too powerful, and the King of the Monkeys should resort to a very well applied strategy.

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