the new teaser for the movie Godzilla vs Kong, who is the monster that will lose?

Godzilla vs Kong is one of the most anticipated films to air this March. The film was directed by Adam Wingard.

The Godzilla vs Kong film shows the thrill of the two giant monsters fighting. From the start, this movie poster made viewers curious by revealing that one of the monsters was about to lose.

Godzilla is shown as a raging and destroying monster. On the other hand, Kong will be assisted by humans to fight Godzilla. The latest teaser shows an even more exciting scene.

Godzilla vs Kong teaser imdb
The teaser is increasingly focused on showing the battle between Godzilla and Kong. In one scene, Kong hits Godzilla. But in another scene, Godzilla attacks and goes on a rampage.

The teaser reveals, Kong Kong will not bow to anyone and try to beat Godzilla. The teaser shows humans and the world who need Kong.

“There is only one ruler who rules the world. Who will submit first?” write the teaser for the film Godzilla vs Kong. This film invites the audience to choose the Godzilla team or the Kong team.

However, the Godzilla vs Kong film does not only feature the battle of the two monsters. The film also features the acting of Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Julian Dennison.

The film Godzilla vs Kong will premiere March 31 in American theaters and HBO Max. The film is also ready to air starting March 24 at CGV Indonesia.

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