Godzilla vs Kong has just debuted with the new trailer and now the Funko Pop has arrived! SPOILER ALERT

Godzilla vs Kong is the new Monster-Verse film that will see none other than the two most famous kaiju in the world fighting: the dinosaur and the gorillone. And so after the appearance of various videos and clips and numerous figures, it is clear that Mechagozilla will play an important role in the next film about these incredible giants. If you need further confirmation, the debut of Funko Pop pre-orders is already available (at least in the USA.

First off, the Funko Pop Godzilla vs Kong Mechagodzilla is currently available for pre-order here on Walmart and here on Entertainment Earth. It’s a common version but better than nothing. Here’s the picture:

The Mechagodzilla figure features a metallic finish. To remember is that an exclusive Funko Pop Mechagodzilla that glows in the dark will arrive in the Funko Shop at some point in the near future. The first wave of Godzilla vs Kong wikipedi Funko Pops was released in January 2021 at the Funko Fair. The lineup includes several versions of Godzilla and Kong, some in 10-inch jumbo sizes with basic poses and others that clutch rubble and display weapons and battle scars. Several exclusives have also been released. Here they are:

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